a beginning

I love blogs. I really do. I've tried keeping them in the past, but I'd find I would always have a hard time getting into the groove of posting regularly. Maybe because I was never really saying anything. Maybe because I never really had an audience anyway, so what was the point, when I have my own handwritten journal that I write in?

This time might be different. I'm no longer in school, meaning I have a staggering amount of free time. It also means that I am no longer obliged to research and write papers, an activity that was surprisingly satisfying to me. Not being in school anymore also means that I'm lonelier. I don't mean that in a sad way, it's just that I'm no longer as connected to my peers and professors from school. I have a terrible fear that my brain, with the little capacity I'd built up for critical thought, will rot if I don't manage to connect myself to people who will challenge me critically and artistically.

So, this blog will serve as a platform for me to communicate and hopefully collaborate with others, as I will actively be drawing attention this place. I will also use this blog to document my activity as an artist, as I am still figuring out how to be one outside of school.