collaboration - work in progress

Logan MacKay is an Edmonton born photographer and videographer, now living and working out of Montreal.

Logan and I were talking about working together somehow, combining his photography and my overall awesomness. In the first round he produced photographs of the garbage being revealed by lowering water levels in the Canal LaChine. So far I have tried to meld them with my memories of what the Sask river looks like on these warm winter days. I love how the ice gets real thin, and cracks open to flowing water, allowing you to peer into the depths, and check out how far down that ice goes.

Here's one:



So far I'm not sure that my treatment is quite right yet. I think the photograph and the drawn elements need to work together a little better still. Logan's promised to shoot some more, and I'm going to keep on trying to make things work together.

More soon! Also, check out Logan's vimeo page here.