Brucebo Scholarship

There's this art residency application that I've been working on for the last little while. I was feelin good about what I put together; my CV's been polished; my artist statement and letter of intent are as articulate as I can get them; feeling strong about my image selection. I haven't felt this confident about an application in a while. And the residency! The residency itself sounds amazing!

I mean, can you imagine getting the chance to live in Sweden for three months this summer, just makin some art? Sounds pretty wicked right? You're probably interested too right?  Just make sure you double check the age requirements.

That's right, I'm too young.

Blast! And I'm only realizing this now. Good thing too, or else I would have wasted $20 on the application processing fee, not to mention $40 on a rush delivery of my application to Montreal before the deadline.

But to all you artists out there aged between 25-40, take advantage of this, this year or the next. I won't be in the running.

Ah well, all that effort is never for nothing. If anyone hears about any other residencies, think of me and let me know! I'll love you forever.