Forward motion

Last night was too cool. A pile of artists and designers came over to my apartment last night and we mulled over the state of Edmonton's creative community. While this city has so much potential, we all agreed that our needs as emerging artists aren't being met here. There is no place to share, no body to hold us accountable to our pursuits, and few platforms to give visibility to our ideas.

But, if we are going to expect the support of the city at large, we need to start expecting support from each other first. This is the purpose of this yet-to-be-titled forum, to foster this support and connectivity.

These meetings will occur every two weeks, and will serve as a means of regularly sharing the work we are making and invite criticism from our peers. This could also be the place to cover nitty gritty topics we never really talk about, like how to price our work, and other practical concerns, like how to run our businesses or brands. There was also some discussion of having some sessions be seminar-like, with readings, debate and discussion. This way we could continue to inject our practice with theory and broaden our knowledge base together.

Let's see what happens. Please email me if you're interested in attending the next session, and I can send you more info.

These next two weeks are going to be ridiculous:

1-training someone at the hospital to be the new me... stressful, augh.
2-trying to turn this untitled forum into something with lasting power (also preparing for the next meeting on Nov 25)
3-final push for AGA show (framing, artwork delivery, statement revising,catalogue spread proofing)
4- enjoying a new friendship before it expires
5-make time for studio
6-make time for family
7-review financial situation, since my income is taking a hit after the end of the month. Viability of future adventures will be decided.

These are exciting times. I see my coffee intake spiking in the near future. You couldn't get me to trade any of this away.