Edmonton, I love you (review)

Tonight at the Garneau a show played in tribute to this city, called Edmonton, I love you, and here is my review.

Ashley and I went out, and we had high hopes. I loved the idea of celebrating our city by showcasing local talent. Some of the acts (particularly the first two video works, and a stint with Mike Robertson) I felt did just that, while also giving us a view of our city that makes us love Edmonton too. Mostly I felt like I walked into one giant inside joke, that was filled with one too many fart/vomit/poop jokes, and shout outs to Jon Mick. There were a lot of really great moments in tonight's show, but not enough.

Maybe I'm not being fair. Maybe it's just not my taste. Maybe I walked in expecting something totally different, and I'm frustrated that it's not what I thought it should be. I did just walk out early (after three hours), not giving the full show a chance to redeem itself to me...

I might update this entry with more insightful thoughts, more useful feedback. I might delete this entire post, because I feel guilty being critical... I do have a lot of respect for what this local comedian did; this is a really ambitious project that took some serious commitment and follow through to lead up to a packed Garneau theatre on a Monday night.

I guess I can't help how I feel though, and that's a little disappointed.