Art push-ups and running. Like real running.

Mitch Mitchell once told me that if an artist wants to keep his/her form, like any good bodybuilder, you've got to do your push-ups everyday. Art pushups... And this idea has always kinda stuck with me. I believe in it, but I certainly don't practice it, which is something that always puts me to shame.

This morning I stumbled on Dominic Wilcox's project of speed creating, where everyday for 30 days he created something new. I think this is a great idea, and I'm stealing it; everyday I will do something creative, even if it's the merest of doodles. And I shall keep myself accountable by documenting everything here.

I'm including another goal into this challenge for myself. I am going to run every single day. April 29th I'm running my first half-marathon, and I need to get my mileage up as part of my training.

As for real push-ups, come on. My arms are made of dough. No tickets to the gun show anywhere near here.

Ready? Me too! Here we go!