Days and days

Well I've gone for many runs since my last post, and I promise I've been doing those art pushups too (though perhaps less diligently as the runs). The step of documenting and posting my efforts is just tedious enough to make me not do it. It doesn't help that I'm getting my runs in late, and trying to do some work even later. What I need is a routine.

Daily Routines is blog mentioned in a book on productivity and how to make ideas happen. It's called Making Ideas Happen, and so far I love it. Anyway, this blog examines the routines and habits of famous writers, artists, politicians, philosophers, and others with great minds. I particularly like the one about Chris Ofili.

Well, it's made me think about my routine, and my lack of a very productive one at the moment. I realized that I really miss school for the way it structured my studio practice. For example, every morning I would be up at 6:20AM so that I could arrive at the studio by around 8:00. I did this every day, even on Fridays or the weekend when I didn't have class. As far as I was concerned, from 8AM onward that was productive time, and if I wasn't using it, then that was a shameful waste. Deviation from my routine is of course, just fine, but these routines and habits are so helpful to me. Routines and habits make me a thoughtless robot maybe, but they also prevent me from having too many distracting thoughts; thoughts that question what I'm doing, thoughts that make me think of other perhaps more satisfying things I could be doing at the moment.

So now I'm trying to figure out what my ideal daily routine should look like. So far it goes kinda like this: