It's been a busy past few weeks. I've had a lot of late nights finishing applications for different projects. An overview of what I've been working on:

McMullen Gallery "25" Call for Submissions - Applied Feb 17

Bemis Art Residency (Nebraska) - Applied Feb 24

A-somewhat-secret-artist-collaboration (stay tuned!) - Applied March 4

Insight: Visualizing Health Humanitites - in progress. Will submit proposal March 7

McMullen Gallery Call for Proposals - in progress. Will apply by March 30

BIMPE - in progress. Will complete submission for April 1st

Littlest Print Exchange - in progress (barely). I need to rent some studio space at SNAP. I've got to pull an edition of 51 prints and mail em' off to the States by May 1st.


I'm really excited to have all this on the go. It's overwhelming at times, to have all these tasks to accomplish by all these deadlines, but I hope I can make it all work. I think I can. Hopefully I strike gold somewhere here too.

It's past midnight, and i'll be up early for work tomorrow, but I need to put a little more work into my Insight proposal. I'm really excited about this brief... I love that it gives me the chance to apply my art skills to my hospital life. And it would be wonderful to get some work into FAB Gallery once more.