still insight

Every night for this past week, I've been telling myself I'm gonna finish this thing. But every night I find myself so unmotivated so sit down and actually type out a proposal. A little voice in me pipes up don't do it tonight, it will be better tomorrow. So that's what I did... but I felt so guilty about it and called myself lazy. Every morning this week I woke up just a little earlier than usual to think about this health humanities topic. And every morning on my walk to work I would make a little breakthrough, or make a some kind of decision about what I wanted to propose.

I was right, with every tomorrow it got better, and this idea has finally taken a shape that I feel could stand on its own in front of an exhibition jury. I'm finally really ready. I'm getting this proposal done. It might not be done till 2:30AM, but I'm getting it done before I go to bed.

I just don't want to be rejected on this one.

UPDATE: It's 4:11 AM. Done. Tomorrow (?) just before going out the door to work, I will give my proposal a once over, and then it's going to be emailed in. Wish me luck.