Lunchtime Resolutions

I'm taking a second job. This may be my undoing but I'm hoping I'll be able to swing it. I know for certain that this will only be for a short term... it has to be.

I recently went studio hunting, and let me tell you it is not cheap. Even though I would likely be splitting with someone else, I'd probably be spending somewhere around $200 a month just for the space. Another expense, but I'll just have to suck it up.

Hopefully I'll still have time to make work in the studio space I'm working my butt off to pay for.

So, to maximize the hours I have in a day, I've come up with some strategies to get everything I want to get done.

1) workout in the morning... as in before I start the day job. As in, wake up at 5AM. Should be easy enough to motivate myself for, the roommate and I are going to attempt a triathlon in the fall. Right Jordan?

2) use lunch hours effectively. Publish to the blog, get groceries, research things during this time.

3) I will make myself accountable to YOU.  I will do some kind of drawing everyday, and post it to this blog. Sometimes it might only be a scribble photographed from my phone at midnight because I forgot, but the important thing is to make it a habit. I need to keep my hands working and make work everyday. Mostly it's to remind myself of how good it feels to work creatively, and how it needs to be something I never let go of. I think it's way to easy for me to put my feet up after a hard day at work.

4) cut the fat. I'm not a super wild shopper, but I'm not frugal either. It's time to be frugal.

5) STAY POSITIVE... but ususally this isn't a huge problem for me.