Well, it's 8am on a Saturday, and yes I've been up for the last hour.

I am not a witch. I swear I just like early mornings because they are mine. It's private time with no one else up, and drinking loads of coffee at this hour is totally justifiable. Also, I have so much time ahead of me. I can dream big about what I want to get done today.

So, as I make my way through my second cup, let me plot it out for the whole world (wide web) to see.

Triathlon training. This race is in two weeks. To date I've only done bricks of swim/run and bike/run, and I'm pretty fatigued doing just the two. I need to know how my body fares doing all three parts of the tri together, and that's exactly what I'm going to do in the next half hour.

Visit Ma and Pa. I have cleaning to do at the house. Eeegh.

Pondering and planning. I visited a studio space yesterday, and boy was it ever beautiful. I would be so excited to have that space as a place to work and escape. The only problem is that it's expensive, and a lot smaller than I would have liked, given the fact that I'll be sharing with Daria, at least for a few months. I have lots to think about. I could do with some (private) journaling time. I see myself sitting in a cafe in the near future, provided of course the above mentioned training doesn't leave me passed out for the rest of the day.

Making work. Nothing major, nothing too thoughtful, but I'd like to keep my hands busy. I feel like playing with watercolors and ink. Maybe some line drawings + washes.

Saying goodbye. One of my friends is moving to Vancouver to take Visual Communications Design at the Emily Carr Institute. A bunch of us friends are grabbing dinner together. This is just the first of what will be many goodbyes like this in the coming months. I imagine something will take me out of Edmonton in the near future too.

Going to an art show. I have friends with work in this show. I maaaayyy or may not have a piece in there too. Check it out! Garage Show

Going out to party. Ladies? Can we?

Ok. The last of my crappy coffee has been chugged. Time to get my swimsuit on and get out the door.

Last thoughts to myself: Gab, update the work on this site. Update bio. Take better pictures of those recent paintings. Update your CV, you've done some neat art stuff this past year haven't you? Put CV on website. Continue being awesome, or continue fooling yourself that you are awesome.

...Alright world, now watch me snail through this checklist to myself.