the news from here + the news: leaving here

I've said and done and made a lot of things that have made me cringe in the last little while. But as a wise friend told me, this "is our fate as embarrassable ones, as those willing to make work publicly." I give myself so many chances to look like a fool, and I do. You'll know it when I do. I wear these moments on my face, these memory masks.

1) The News From Here is opening next weekend with three of my prints in it. (Irrational fear it is, to worry that I'll look like a fraud at this show. But just can't help it...)

2) I've been accepted to do an internship with Master Printers in Lithography, Sarah Dudley and Uli Kuehle at Keystone Editions. Meaning, I'm moving to Berlin at the end of March.(Don't even get me started on the ways I could make an INTERNATIONAL fool of myself.) I'll be there for at least 3 months, but the internship could be extended to a full year. It's going to be amazing; not only am I going to improve my lithography skills with Masters, I'm going to be working with/for/alongside some amazing artists at this studio. Also, it's in Berlin for goodness sake; what a shift this will be from life in Edmonton.

It's weird to have the words "I'll be leaving soon" tagged at the end of most of my thoughts. I'm sorry in advance if I fall off the map a little bit in the coming weeks... Especially as we get down to March. To my friends: let's spend some time together, I'm leaving soon.

ps: shout-out to mah gurl lizzie s.