make it rain

Someone at a party the other night asked me what it is that I do.

I said, "I'm an artist."

"...but what do you do for money?"

"Oh, umm...I make art."

He wasn't quite satisfied with that answer, ad I'll be honest, I can't quite say that shit with conviction yet.

In fact, I am not making any money from my work at all right now. But I don't want a back up plan. I want this to be my life, and if there's no Plan B, I'm going to give it my all to make this work. So no, I'm not making a very profitable living off of my art right now, but I will make every attempt to change that.

On a very related note, CONTACT ME if you are interested in one of my pieces, or if you like my style. I'd be happy to make do a commissioned painting/drawing/something nice for you.