Windy - as in the air and roads

It's been a fast month full of long days.

Keep going keep going, check in with yourself every now and then, keep going keep going keep doing.

It's been a purposeful month full of things I can't show for. A lot of little changes took place inside of me. I know what you're thinking: PUBERTY. FINALLY. Nah, these changes have to do with how I see myself; I'm not sure that I've ever felt this strong before. I have a few people to credit for that.

It's time now to put my energies toward the things I can show for. I have 4 sketchbooks to fill before April. I have a new body of paintings that I'd like to expand on (I'm not sure painting is what I need to do right now?) and I'd like to start applying for some shows by March. I'm coming to the end of a collaboration with poet Theodore Fox, soon to start a collaboration with filmmaker Cameron Ford. My website is slowly (finally!) being updated. Note to self: update bio, put up cv, put up a header.

I'm recognizing it's time I start taking some bigger risks in my work. Im realizing that my output this month is way below what I expected of myself, but it's ok, I'll work it out.

Life is great and unexpected and difficult, and I'm so happy to be sitting in the pilot's seat for all of it.