December 17

Just a quick note for now. The days are full leading up to my flight back home for a visit. Daniela Schlüter is working with us at Keystone Editions, which is absolutely lovely. She taught me a monotyping technique onto the stone she's playing around with as part of her drawing process. It's not unlike working with softground on an etching plate, and the result looks like it too. I'm excited to try this out myself and I'll explain with pictures when I do. I've got some images on the go that I'm feeling really strong about. I'm looking forward to seeing how they turn out.

Before Daniela we've been working with Brigitte Waldach on two ambitious, complicated multi-layer prints. The final result is exciting, but I think everyone in the shop felt the range from delight, frustration and whatever it is you feel when you have the thought "oh-my-god-I-hope-this-works."

Before Brigitte, we had Jim Dine in the shop, who is a hurricane.

More soon. I have some books to bind and breakfast to find before heading to work.

Bis bald!