more, though not nearly as soon as I promised

a bare-bones account of what I've been up to since I last wrote:

-worked with Daniela Schlüter some more at Keystone
-got accepted for an artist residency in Bentlage
-flew home to Canada for 10 days
-half-marathon training gettin' real (I'm foam rolling for the first time in my life...)
-roadtrip to Göttingen, where Jim Dine keeps a studio when he's in Germany
-started working as an artist assistant for Arturo Herrera, one day a week
-6 week sublet of Stefan Demming's studio, starting today

The next few weeks are going to be hella hectic as I come to the end of my internship (where has the time gone?) finish and ship an edition of prints to SNAP, train for my races and hopefully spend as much time as I possibly can at my studio sublet.

Things are happening and life is good. I guess I haven't been in the mood to slow down and write about it. I'll try to not be such a stranger on here.