Quicksand Selves + busy Thursday night




Some detail shots from my book project Quicksand Selves. I have been re-shooting some of my work, to replace some of the lower quality images that I have of my work on this site.

Here we are, Thursday night. It's going to be a loooooong night. I've already poured myself a glass of wine. Red wine, it damn well better not make me sleepy.

the tedious:

-email landlord again about me leaving this apt at the end of the month.
-email new tenant about lease
-figure out cable bill transfer to new tenant
-email some possible tenants to take over my studio space in April
-email Kim at the AGA with some photographs of my work... Colour Magazine might feature them.

the pleasurable:

-do some journaling
-pretend to write poetry?
-go for a run (my next half-marathon is in exactly two months and I'm nowhere near the shape I should be in...)


-select artwork and write budget for a proposal I'll be pitching to some directors at the hospital tomorrow morning... I'm going to see if I can convince them purchase and install my work in the barren Edmonton Clinic South.
-get my Latitude53 submission together!! I need to get those works to the gallery by Monday.