Trials in the studio

My studio practice is feeling kinda stale. I have all these paintings that I've been working on for months and can't seem to resolve. I keep on changing directions so so drastically and pretty much bring myself back to square one. I hate it. I'm feeling trapped. I've only recently realized that what I need is to change directions with my work. Work with newer ideas. Make discoveries. I have all this new material that I'd like to use, but am not too sure as to how. I will need to do some experimenting.

I need to get my Latitude 53 submission in by Monday for the Parka Patio show.

I was hoping to have something kick-ass and exciting and new to give them for the show, but realistically I haven't got much time between now and Monday. I can give them one of the paintings that's closest to completion, but ugh the idea of doing that frustrates me; I want to put something out there that's a little more representative of where my thoughts are at right NOW. Do I hate being represented by past manifestations of myself/my thoughts? Do I hate being held by the old me? Is this why performance art is so attractive to me?

Good thoughts to try to get to the root of, but I still need to get stuff done. Mustn't get too caught up in thoughts all the time.

The plan: experiment as much as possible over the next few days. Possibly ask for a deadline extension? Work on that one painting as my L53 submission back up, if my experiments don't turn into anything exciting right away. BE OK WITH SUBMITTING THE PAINTING IF IT COMES TO THAT.