thoughts on facebook

Sometimes I think about getting rid of facebook. and twitter. and instagram. These platforms can feel so phony, so superficial. I get frustrated posting on these things; it's like speaking blindly into a room and you know you've been seen and heard but you don't know by who. Anyone who responds wants you to know they're there, and that takes on a meaning. Being ignored is also meaningful. And then again, sometimes not.

Being so far away from home especially, it really is nice to what's going on in each other's lives. But our relationship then becomes mutually voyeuristic; I already know who is where and what they are doing, so that makes actual conversation unnecessary on some levels. The act of communicating to another takes on a new meaning, because it requires a new effort to a new end. Then there's the wordless ways we send messages to one another, using the vocabulary of liking, poking(?), replying, sharing, blocking, friending, following ignoring, posting, all with careful sequencing, timing, frequency.

There's so much nuance here and room to play, and the complexity of it all makes for some really genuinely lovely moments with others over facebook. For that reason I won't be getting rid of my profiles anytime soon. Frustrations will remain though. Maybe I just want to hear from you guys more.