Links on links on links.

Last week I was racking my brain trying to recall the name of an illustrator who's work I loved, but whose blog I loved maybe even more. I hadn't checked him out in years. Then a few days ago, I opened up my web browser, looked and my search bar and typed in "ghostco" with no hesitation. Boom: Google gives me the portfolio of Matthew Woodson.

I started following his blog before I went to art school; I really appreciated the transparency with which he wrote about his work and process, and the way that it didn't necessarily need to be separated out from the events of his life. I wanted what he had; the ups and downs of life and work and the production of really bad ass art. His blog offered such a well rounded portrait of the kind of working adult life I might be able to achieve (and am kind of achieving in my own way).

I think he gets some credit for what I'm trying to do here with my blog. Maybe even some credit for me opting to go to art school.

I meant to post this on Sunday. I held off, because I wanted to include some photos of current work. But for some reason I am just complete and total shit at documenting my own work. Like, the idea of hunting for proper light in my dimmer than dim flat, fiddling with my camera and shooting my own work sounds so annoying, not to mention dull. It's not really difficult, but something breaks down for me between intention and execution of this rather important task. Something to work on, I guess.

I was nerding out so hard taking this photo; foreground Henry Moore; background MI6.Anyway, photos never got taken, and therefore, this post never got published. Posting NOW is me giving the finger to my need to make everything perfect and according to my best laid plans. Not everything can be perfect.

Just so that this post isn't 100% text based, here's a photo from my London trip with the bro.

Oh yeah, I'm going to try to post every Sunday, if not more frequently than that. I know you're just rubbing your hands together in anticipation over there.

In other news: I have a new favourite podcast called The Read which I think everyone should listen to because it is HYSTERICAL.

This has led to a deepening appreciation, followed by all out love for Beyoncé and what she stands for as a woman. This song is everything to me right now. 

Also this song. Not Beyoncé, but related.

Alright, I'm out. It's late and I don't want to be a zombie tomorrow in the shop. We are working with two artists and I think the work will be really interesting... More soon, according to some best laid plans.