Website update

Whew. Updating a website is exhausting. I am really, really  jazzed on the result though. I've interfaced this site a little better, and added pages for things I'm working on right now, as well as for scraps of visually interesting stuff I've taken from all over the internet (basically my Tumblr feed).

For now, I've integrated my Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter accounts, although this is potentially problematic because:

1. bringing all these platforms together makes this website the one-stop shop for information about me. That's a lot of openness, which I think is interesting. But there are obvious repercussions on my privacy.

2. offering up so much about me personally might interfere with my professionalism, and this is after all, my professional artist website.

 ... I will muse on it for a while. I might just divorce all the social media platforms from this site if I get squeamish enough. I'll definitely be more mindful of what I post, however.