Goodbye to Berlin

A few weeks ago I finished the Mr Norris Changes Trains and Goodbye to Berlin by Christopher Isherwood. They are really interesting and rich portrayals of what life looked and felt like in Berlin in the 1930s. It's a funny thing being here and reading those novels, like stepping into an echo. The novels are based on Isherwood's own experiences living here during that time, and towards the end of Goodbye to Berlin, there's a segment of text which are just stream-of-consciousness memories which don't belong to any particular narrative, but all serve to explain what about this city, at this time, is so special.

The other night I came upon a DJ set installed quite hilariously in an old toll booth (?) just outside of Ostbahnhof. I didn't stick around for the police to break it up, but I did film it for a little while. It was kind of an Isherwood-moment for me... this is exactly the spirit of Berlin that I'm bittersweet to be leaving behind. Impermanent, kind-of-illegal yet harmless and crazy and fun.

I'm playing more and more with film these days... I'd like to learn to be good at making little movies. I'm going to try to make as many Isherwood inspired diary films as I can, while I make my goodbyes here too.