conversation with friend re: Casey Neistat, Teletubbies and vlogging as ad for an ethos
watched School of Life
requested KHiO Library purchase Einstein’s Dreams by Alan Lightman (approved)
requested KHiO Library purchase Some Great Things by Lawrence Hill (rejected)
re-read book Slow Education by Jessica Williams (KHiO MFA 2014)
read up to pg 12 Words by Jean-Paul Sartre
read article “Ain’t No Border Wide Enough: Writing Black Canada in Lawrence Hill’s Any Known Blood”
thought to revisit novels What We All Long For by Dionne Brand and Green Grass, Running Water by Thomas King, re: complex Canadian cultural identities.
thought to digitize and publish my existing "DONE LIST" practice.. voila.
attended MFA Thesis workshop
contacted Jan S. re: crash course silkscreen orientation
brainstormed collaboration with Nina
developed two pages of text for artist book All Welcome* (working title)

met artist Jessica Williams for coffee and chat re: Academy and books
bought gym membership
washed laundry
cleaned bathroom
called mom + dad
wrote DR, B, St

looked at flights to Berlin in November (??)
looked at flights to Edmonton in December (??????????)
looked at flights to the Philippines in the summer (
watched Jiri Kylian’s Falling Angels choreography.