tour tourist, neutral new
Oslo Ø Gallery, 2017

Featuring Allyce Wood, Gabrielle Paré, Hanna Roloff and Lauren Davis

24.08.17 – 24.10.17

In tour tourist, neutral new, four artists consider the concept of place. Working primarily through various photographic mediums, they frame, collage, weave, and print to express what it means to exist between transitory and static. Set within the context of Visit Oslo´s premises, the exhibition venue itself is an extension of the tourist space. This site becomes a platform for the exploration of identity, permanence, and fate.

Allyce Wood (USA) assembles impermanent structures to support carefully woven renderings of memento mori. Gabrielle Paré (CAN) combines anthropological imagery with invented and appropriated languages. Hanna Roloff (SE) applies her photography to everyday travel products, favouring images of decay and transformation. Lauren Davis (USA) explores what it means to be acutely aware of one’s physical space within a politicized body.

In between life and death, natural-born and naturalized, home and holiday home; we are all perpetual-tourists, in-between states.